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Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Moms Make That Cause Their 8-14 Years Old to Tune Them Out Immediately!

Focus: How To Tune  In With Your Tweenaager …Immediately

“My  daughter went to bed as Cinderella and woke-up as Godzilla”  Parent of a 13 year old

Raising a tween can be like swimming against a riptide. It’s tough work and it’s challenging. Because kids don’t come with a “how to” manual, your family life can be fraught with sibling rivalry, rebellion and daily power struggles. Are you tired of repeating everything three times? Are you drained from the quarreling, manipulating, nagging and whining?  Or do conflicts with your children never stop?  Does home life sometimes seem like an endless tug-of-war?  It’s time to stop struggling!

If you want a solution-focused seminar-not just theory based, this seminar is a must for you. You will not only walk away with a new understanding, you will have learned how to avoid the three mistakes most moms make in dealing with parent-tween conflict that you can immediately apply and see results.

* 3 different way to diffuse conflict before it starts to heat up.

* 2 simple skills that ensure your kid hears you loud and clear…without you even raising your voice.

* Most sure-fire method to strike the balance between setting limits and encouraging your kid’s independence

If you want  to minimize power struggles and maximize your relationship with your tweens, you owe it to yourself as a parent to attend this seminar!

T.R.U.E. Relationship With Your Tween

Focus:Developing and action plan that you helps you stand your ground and at the same time reconnect and rebuild a strong, loving relationship with your tween.

The daily dilemmas and major crises that are synonymous with parenting demand an approach that can move families from conflict to resolution. One of the hardest parts of being a parent is letting your  kid  make mistakes, even though the consequences might affect their future. At the same time, you have to stand your ground on important issues.

Through anecdotes, spirited interactions and  role-playing real life problems, Evonne will introduce The T.R.U.E  process to get to the heart of parent-tween conflicts. You’ll learn to strike a delicate balance between setting limits and encouraging your tween’s independence.

*T.urn over responsibility… to your teens on their part of the problem

*R.ecognize your part of the problem… instead of relying on your “abcd reactions”.

*U.ncover your fear…that is unknowingly driving your behavior

*E.stablish the credibility of your word- follow-up with follow-follow through

Yes, the parent-tween relationship is unpredictable-so unpredictable it can turn your whole family upside down. Come learn how to turn this around and get your life right side up.

A New Fearless You 

Focus:How to overcome fear… so it doesn’t unknowingly control you.

Fear is a powerful emotion that unknowingly controls us and consumes much of our energy.  Evonne learned this experience first hand through her own fear-packed journey that led her develop her proprietary “Hide and Seek” method which takes you through a  ground breaking process in looking at the role fear plays in your life in a whole new way:

* F.ace your fear- Give a name to your fear.

* E.mbrace Your Fear- Claim your old baggage that you are still dragging with you.

* A.ce your fear-   Unmask your “Hide and Seek” behavior that is unknowingly driving your life.

* R.eplace  your old behaviors with newly charged behaviors.

Evonne’s audiences leave inspired, fortified and renewed, with strategies for becoming their true fearless selves.

Making a Powerful Impact In Two Minutes or Less
Focus: Discover Evonne’s Match and Move Method to learn how to read people quickly, customize your approach,  and uncover  the “third solution”.

Do you know your style? More importantly, can you pick up on other people’s verbal and behavioral cues and adapt to their style?

Certain to excite and motivate participants, this workshop is anything but theory based. In an interactive setting, you’ll take a quick survey to identify your individual problem solving style and then find out how to identify others. Learn the Match and Move Method so you can quickly match your conversational style with others and move to solve problems cooperatively… or when necessary- move against  resistance. Explore how to strike that delicate balance between getting what you want while at the same time maintaining good collaborative working relationships. Adding a proper dose of humor, Evonne helps you develop strategies to:

* Identify your problem solving style

* Read people quickly  and build instant rapport

* Transform a “who will win” attitude to a “what to do” position.

* Apply the “Match and Move” solution to actual situations.

You will learn how to implement these strategies immediately and effectively.

These topics can be adapted to fit your time frame. Whether you would like a  workshop, a keynote address or a retreat with the combination of these multiple topics, Evonne will work with you to meet your schedule.