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BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 5
Breakthrough in Creating Loving Relationships
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Barbara openly shares her struggles with her mother, but more importantly she realizes the payoff from seeing her mother as villain. Evonne and Jaimes use the questions in her book, A New Fearless You to assist Barb in creating a loving relationship with her mom…and with her children. A powerful episode for anyone who is wrestling with the idea of forgiving their parents.

BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 6
Breakthrough in Creating Loving Relationships.
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Tiffany openly shares her struggles in her past relationships. She discovers her fear of being invisible as the mask preventing her from finding a loving relationship. She shares how she has equated love to “weathering the storms.” Evonne and Jaimes use the questions in her new book, A New Fearless You to help Tiffany create a new definition of herself. In this episode Tiffany gains insight and loses the desperate need to be noticed.

BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 11
BreakThorough in Leaping into the Future
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This focus is Leaping into the Future, but in this episode we actually take a look back at the past and welcomed some of our previous guests who shared their lives and their stories to get an update.

Tiffany was a guest in Episode 6 and talked about past relationships and being afraid to go to the next level. The guests have had remarkable breakthroughs as a result of the work done in previous episodes. Evonne remarked how much she enjoyed the follow up, finding it fun and rewarding. “It’s nice to see how these people have traveled.”

BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 12
BreakThorough in Leaping into the Future
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Evonne and Jaimes checked in with Barbara from Episode 5 and the result of her work with them and her challenging relationship with her mother. Barbara acknowledges that moment, looking back, as a moment when life completely changed and talks about how she is different.

In following the topic of Leaping into the Future, McNeal has a conversation with his good friend, Janice, about her new found confidence in her art. Janice talks about learning to trust her artistic expression and announced her first art showing, an event that will was a breakthrough for her.

BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 19
BreakThrough in Relationship with your mother
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Evonne and Jaimes talk about their recent blogs about mothers.  Evonne talks about hide and seek, the premise from her book, and how we hide from fear and seek answers outside ourselves by seeking the opposite.

Joining them as the roundtable guest is Bridgette, a Professional Singer/Song Writer and Plant Based Educator. Bridgette shares about the challenges she had as an adult in her relationship with her mom, and while the “adult” relationship is resolved the “child” relationship is not. Evonne’s work with Bridgette includes identifying a pattern in maternal relationships for several generations and that in order to experience compassion for others we need to start with ourselves.

This episode is about acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, letting go and redefining relationships. It is a call about compassion and hope.

BreakThrough Blogcast – episode 21
Breakthrough in Relationship with Your Father.
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Adam, 31, a government contractor and father of three is joined by his father Matthew, 63, a paramedic/fire service battalion chief and father of eight. In this episode father and son share intimately about emotions present in their relationship and how control and anger has been the thread woven throughout their interactions over the years.

This episode is a raw and intimate conversation about what is possible when you are willing to hear and see each other differently, and how to step out of reaction mode in order to face your fears. If you have ever been wounded by your dad OR wondered what life was really like from his perspective, then this episode will provide amazing insight!