About Evonne

The Short of it:

* Evonne  Weinhaus, LCSW, LPC has been in private practice for over 30 years

* She earned her B.A. at Washington University, M.A.T. at Webster University and M.A. in counseling Psychology from the Alfred Adler Institute in Chicago.

* She is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist.

* Her book, Stop Struggling with Your Child, co-authored with Karen Friedman, won Child’s Magazine award for Excellence in Family Issues.  Along with Stop Struggling With Your Teen,  her two books have sold more than a quarter of million copies worldwide.

*She has made many television appearances (among them Oprah, Today Show and  Good Morning America).

*She has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including  New York Times Syndicate, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, McCalls,  Working Mother, Selling Power, and others.


The Longer Version:

* Evonne Weinhaus has come a long way from teaching fourth graders in St. Louis, Mo, but still laughs when she tells the story of how her fourth grade student introduced her to her future husband.  After starting her own family, Evonne began attending parenting groups.  As Evonne often says, “People who know me can’t believe I never uttered a word during the first eight week parenting class I attended.” But she listened and learned.

* After witnessing first-hand the joy people experience when they made positive, concrete changes in their lives, Evonne found her mission.  She wanted to spread the “Stop Struggling” solutions and to touch as many lives as she could.

* As a result, she started working with companies- implementing her proprietary Match and Move Conflict Resolution Method -in the area of sales, customer service and executive coaching.   Her clients include Merck, Hewlett Packard, American Express, as well as a host of other companies.

* Fast Forward to year 2000…Not everyone can say, they literally got a knock on their head to expand their way of thinking. Evonne did. After she had a benign brain tumor removed, she had the opportunity of a life time– to start anew.  Before the surgery, fear eluded her; after surgery, fear gripped her.

*Her life changing experience, as a brain tumor survivor has brought a new dimension to her work.  As a result,  she co-authored her newest book A New Fearless You, based on the premise grown-ups play the the childhood game of Hide and Seek when their behavior is infused with fear.

* In 2007, Evonne heard about Imago Therapy. In fact, her introduction was quite happenstance. she needed continuing education credits to keep her professional license and thought it would be special to meet Harville Hendrix  who was leading a two day workshop on his best-selling book, Getting The Love You Want.

* As she says, “Initially, that was all I signed up for.  But my life, my marriage and my private practice changed profoundly after I was introduced to his teachings of Imago Therapy.  I practice this now, because it works. It’s proven. I believe in it. I have seen it save marriages.”

*She lives in St. Louis, MO with her attorney husband, Shel, and  is the mother of three adult children.



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