I help couples and parents who feel exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain tired of fighting with your loved ones all the time. You may feel unseen, unheard, misunderstood and not able to deal with your own issues-let alone  your kids or partner’s problems.  I specialize in relationship work and my style is collaborative. I help you translate conflict into connection.  How?  When you come to my office, you will receive

1. Active support to help you reduce or end your pain from negative experiences

2. Deep listening to validate your feelings and experiences.

3.A plan of action to improve your lives both immediately and long range.

In other words, help you move from anxiety, to “aha moments” to action!

To quote one client directly, “Evonne’s straightforward approach to life is refreshing, uplifting and without a doubt, enlightening.”

I am a CERTIFIED IMAGO RELATIONSHIP Therapist who is an award-winning co-author of  Stop Struggling With Your Teen, Stop Struggling With Your Child and A New Fearless You (selling over quarter of a million copies, of our books). I’ve been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and Today Show.

For people in crisis, I offer an intensive 4 hour session. This session is equivalent to one month of therapy. This jump start into therapy provides immediate relief, hope and a plan for healing. I always offer an environment filled with safety, trust and sometimes a dash of humor.