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Do you want to argue less and connect more with your teen?

My passion is to help parents empower both their teens and empower themselves. My belief is that conflict can be a catalyst for change instead of fueling never-ending power struggles.

Are you...

Tired of repeating everything three times and not being heard?
Drained from daily arguing?
Eventually, giving in to your teen?
Do you want to be closer, more connected, with your teen?

Evonne Weinhaus Stop Struggling with your Teen Book If so, you are like many other parents. I believe in some strange and wonderful way, fighting and connecting are directly related to one another. Yes, the arguing is the observable behavior, the symptom…and may I add, usually very visible and very loud. What lies underneath this symptom- the arguing- is the desire to connect, the desire to be heard, the desire to be seen. So many times, both parents and teens don’t know there is a totally different way to go about it. I hope the Stop Struggling approach will serve as your roadmap, providing you with the concrete tools for arguing less and connecting more with your teen.

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